This is a nice user friendly AM radio from the mid-50s. It has a built in frame aerial which means you can use it anywhere in the house.

It’s a simplified chassis compared to the big PE80 that I did previously. Simple 5 valve design, single ended class-A audio amplifier. Controls are easy to use, four knobs with on-off/tone, volume, tuning and band.

It does LW, MW and two short wave bands, and works really well.

Restoration wise, there wasn’t much wrong with the electronics, just the usual replacement of perished capacitors and a replacement of the EL41 output valve. In the chassis underside photo, you can see that I was able to use a couple of standard 33uF high voltage electrolytic caps instead of replacing the now hard to source all in one aluminium package.

The cabinet received a fair bit of attention, all the cracked lacquer was removed (using a chemical remover) and after cleaning and prep, re-strayed with clear lacquer. The knob panel was painted in gloss black to match the side rails and give it a slightly fresher appearance which I think works well with the re-trimmed speaker cloth.

Click to play the video