This is a lovely old set with LW MW and a SW band. It’s a restoration for a family friend.

Initial investigation shows that the chassis are quite well laid out. There a PSU with audio amplifer on one chassis and the radio section in the upper chassis.

Work on the PSU showed lots of perished wiring, with is common for this age. The transformer looks sound and will be tested on mains shortly.


Just finished re-wiring the power supply and connections to the speaker, as the harness totally perished. New caps. added.

Did a test of power supply and amplifer sections. Everything working.

Did some work on the radio chassis. All valves heaters tested ok. Checked the volume control resistor and found it to be faulty. Opened it up, mechanical repair and switch cleaner.

Radio chassis has been refurbished with many capacitors replaced, some wires had to be replaced too, including the pilot light harness.

Initial testing shows that the radio is now working with very good clear output on MW and LW bands. The IF amplifier valve has found to be a bit sensitive to mechanical stimuli so careful adjustment of pin seating cured this problem.

Finally, a replacement power switch was fitted with replacement wiring shown below.

The back cover was missing, so as a temporary hardboard back has been added.