This set arrived from a friend, it’s in quite good condition.

On initial inspection things looked very clean. The usual method of testing an restoring the power supply.

Cleaned up the chassis, downloaded the service manual and ordered some electrolytics for the power supply, these took quite a while to arrive. There must me a shortage of these 32uf-32uf components!

Finally, after waiting a couple of weeks for the PSU capacitor to turn up, I was able to work through the set. I already had all the other capacitors in stock, so replaced all the wax ones as a matter of course.

It turned out that this set had a bad EL41 audio amplifier valve, it’ll work ok until it got hot, then output would fade away. Fortunately, these tubes are quite popular and it was possible to order new old stock for this.

The tuning capacitor had touching plates in the top quarter of the tuning area with caused a lot of loud crackling. This was adjusted and tested ok.

The radio at this stage was starting to work quite well, but I noticed crackle and popping from the audio section. I tracked this down to a bad hunts capacitor. I replaced the remaining caps in that section for good measure and the popping was cured!